Tea Silk

BY Marcella Echavarria | July 7, 2010

 One of my favorite recent China discoveries is the ultra  smooth  imperial royal tea or lacquer silk "xiang yun sha"  (fragrant cloud organdy) from the Guangdong Province. This exquisite ancestral texture, only possible in black and brown colors, dates from the Ming Dynasty 14th to 17th centuries and in today's modern China has been turned into sculptural pieces by German Designer Katharine Rechenberg who says: “tea silk is the texture, natural with no artifice, made by hand the traditional way in the Pearl River Delta by dying the fabric 30-40 times with plants and river sand only from that area”.  Properly aged tea silk is as rare as fine wine, a sibarite’s texture, clothing for connoisseurs. 

A great selection can be found at Aman at Summer Palace in Beijing